Red Carpet Event

"The aim of the event, entitled “Exclusive Living Experience”, was to create a premium red carpet experience for our guests and invite them to discover the true essence of the Exclusive collection, which includes designs by the renowned brands of Roberto Cavalli Home, Roberto Cavalli Interiors, Roberto Cavalli Linen, Roberto Cavalli Murano, Roberto Cavalli Crockery & Cutlery, JC Passion, Giorgio Collection, CorteZari, Tomasella, Litvak Gallery, Afghan Carpets, Dupen & Target Point" 

"The event included a solemn media tribute to the company founder Andreas Soteriou as well as opening speeches by owners and managing directors Christina and Aphrodite Soteriou." 

"The highlight of the event invited all participants to enjoy an exceptional outdoor dance performance, which combined classic dance, hip hop and creative body motion, in a physical narrative which concluded by unveiling the gallery display window and revealing the luxurious interior set ups. Inside the exhibition area more performers were dotted around the furniture installations and as guests began to enter the space, singular performances began one after another, continuing the creative narrative and thrilling attendees."