Your Guide to Luxury Designer Furniture in Cyprus

The work of an interior designer today is currently more certain and distinctive, with new concepts and products. Today, we'll show you the top luxury furniture brands to follow and get inspiration Made In Italy. How many times have we prayed to the universe to capture the gentle flourish of home design as we looked into the mirror? Great designers have exclusively responded to our requests so far with amazing solutions so as to enjoy their entire world of home interiors.

ROBERTO CAVALLI | Entire World of Home Interiors

Roberto Cavalli Home brings together a distinctive variety of soft furnishings, dinnerware, and elegant presents. The brand is known for its fine craftsmanship and unabashed splendor. Discover and explore the iconic glamour and luxury finishes of Roberto Cavalli's luxury furniture collections. A fantastic color scheme of ivory and beige tones is brought to life by golden finishes and priceless accents, creating attractive areas. Alluring lines and sculptural appeal, is in the center. The use of Marble, a material with a brilliant appeal distinguished by a delicate combination of naturally mixed color tones. Scenographic pieces of furniture that blends seamlessly into settings with both classic and modern design elements.

A moving journey through the African savannah. The Baobab table is a sculpture with a surface made of five unevenly shaped marble parts that resemble the baobab's leaves and a base built of cylindrical tubes that resembles the tree's trunk. Shira chairs flank the table; bright and vivacious, they mix design, Made in Italy craftsmanship, and glitzy appeal. Due to the gap in the backrest and the narrow cone-shaped legs, the seat has a light and slender appearance.

Welcoming luxury in a variety of settings with a chic vibe and a delicate color palette, Roberto Cavalli Home Interiors displays its most sensitive side. While the strong note of the animal designs in their natural tones invigorate the surroundings and give it a striking look, in accordance with the essence of the company, the neutral shades of ivory and beige improve the sensuous warmth and coziness of the furnishings. The gold surfaces and accents highlight the opulent appeal of the furniture, resulting in an incredible set design where elegance, character, and style coexist.

Gianfranco Ferre | A style that goes beyond trends

Legendary designs remain as avant-garde today and are now considerably more valuable. The relationship between art and fashion is maturing and becoming more respectable. As a result of the enormous technological breakthroughs in recent years, traditional handicraft skills have also experienced a revival. The Made In Italy movement adopts a daring new design language thanks to Italian design and workmanship. At a price that a lot can affort, the symbols of the future are being produced at an astounding rate.

The bedroom, which is the place most geared toward intimacy and reflection, is where the engaging connection to nature is most noticeable. One of the distinguishing qualities and a symbol of Gianfranco Ferré Home's design abilities is the pleating of the headboard of the Highlander bed. The Rowe bench, a versatile and unique item with feet that harken back to the 1950s and a unique pleated cover with a play of geometries, completes and enhances the bed. The forms of the pleats are strikingly emphasized by the thick velvet upholstery.

This new bedroom is given a cozy and seductive environment by the warm and comforting tones of a color scheme based on brown, grey, and beige tones, the significant use of wood, and the accents with brushed bronze finishing.

A look that goes beyond trends and is the ideal fusion of traditional taste and modern appeal. Elegance is always the main focus. Gianfranco Ferré Home collection pieces bring to life distinctive settings with a rarefied and sophisticated atmosphere among.